Bellekat Productions is proud to announce news shows for 2021, kicking off with our Wartime Romp "Bombshells" in April!

Bellekat Productions launched The Kit Kat Club in 2019 to rave reviews:

"The Hawkesbury has never seen anything like this!"

"Just hysterical!"

"We adored Mme Belle and we haven't laughed that much

in a very long time..."

"The costumes, the dancers - all those great songs.

What a wonderful evening and can we come again?"......

Set in a grimy, Gotham-esque city echoing steampunk-stylings and a Depression-era fervour, this little Cabaret Club offers edgy performances and adult-only comedy according to the whims of the owner, Madame Belle and

her miscreant band of performers.

Last year "Pandemonium!" placed The Kit Kat Club into the post-Covid landscape as only the cabaret knows how - with Song and Dance!

In 2021, The Company is plunged into wartime with bombing raids and mayhem through the city.....the audience is invited to attend in costume and shelter in The Kit Kat Club as The Company endeavours to wait out the doodle-bugs and air attacks and entertain the 'troops'!

SINGING SCHOOL - The PPVS Senior & Junior Term 4 begins on Oct 12 - Dec 19, 2020!

Please check that Page for all lesson and term details and CLICK HERE for the Enrolment Form.

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