Bella Musica Entertainment spreads its wings...

Bella Musica Entertainment is Meera Belle - singer, teacher, artist, director, performer and entertainer. Meera trained overseas as an opera singer and on her return to Australia established herself as a cabaret artist and pedagogical vocal teacher.

Bella Musica Entertainment is moving into show development and production with a view to regional touring and international Festival opportunities.

Meera's personal ethic is that anyone can sing and everyone should! Even beyond this is her strong desire to ensure local musicians get paid work and that creativity and community participation come together to entertain audiences regardless of race, age OR dis-ability, and that anyone who wishes gets the chance to participate in creating music.

Bella Musica began as a small music studio offering jazz and contemporary lessons to adult music students and quickly evolved into a boutique course offering students the opportunity to perform to a paying public, with all proceeds going to support her nominated charity St Laurence House (Sydney).

Meera's relocation of her city studio to the Hawkesbury to open PITCH PERFECT VOCAL STUDIO in Richmond almost two years ago - a boutique private music school offering sound vocal pedagogy for all ages - has been a great success with three of her students scoring roles in The Richmond Players production of The Wizard of Oz within their first terms of study!

2018 saw the revival of The Fabulous Jazz Babies Community Jazz Ensemble at St Laurence Church Hall for 'Christmas Capers', a show to raise funds for the St Laurence House Trust. Two PPVS Junior School concerts were also a great success.

2019 opened with a Big Bang as PPVS Junior School was accepted to be a Creative Kids Provider - parents can now claim $100 off a term fee (see HOME for details).


Bella Musica continues it's reputation as a supplier of quality professional Aged Care Entertainment - no more Aunty Joanna at the Piana!

This ensures professional musicians have paid daytime work AND that the aged in our community (the premiere concert goers of their day!) have quality live music concerts.

Under Bella Musica Entertainment, Meera presents vintage vocal trio The Starr Sisters as a premiere Feature Act as well as new shows:

"Blossoming" and "Close To You; A Salute to Karen Carpenter".

New  shows are in development so stay tuned!

Aged Care Clients, please go to the Aged Care Page to see the options for your clients!

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