Meera Belle, Singer, Entertainer, Writer, Director and Producer for Bella Musica Entertainment (The Starr Sisters, Close To You: Karen Carpenter and Blossom-ing: A Tribute To Blossom Dearie),

co-founder of BelleKat Productions (The Kit Kat Club Cabaret), and 

founder of Pitch Perfect Vocal Studio.


Pitch Perfect Vocal Studio 


PPVS offers singing lessons and coaching with a strong focus on healthy vocal function for all ages. Director Meera Belle is an accredited Voiceology Teacher.


Two concerts (mid-year and Xmas) are presented. Mid-term will be "Pop Vs Rock" a battle between pop and rock classics at the Richmond School of Arts Auditorium.















Students have access to the PPVS YouTube Channel with instructional videos and warm-up sequences. Voiceology Lesson Packs are also available in the studio.

Please check the PPVS Facebook Page for links to these and announcements for other opportunities.

Fees are per term which run to NSW Public School times, however, adult lessons can run through holidays by appointment.

PPVS Junior School is a Creative Kids Voucher Provider.

2021 Enrolment Form Link: CLICK HERE 


Term Times 2021


JAN 30- APRIL 3 



APRIL 19 - JUNE 26

Mid Year Concert JUNE 25 



JULY 12- SEPT 17 



OCT 5 - DEC 13

Xmas Concert Dec 10 (TBC)

Enrol Now

Junior School is by School Term, Seniors are by appointment.

Please phone the Studio for information on how to book, or download the enrollment form below

Private Lessons and Coaching

Private lessons are by appointment and available in Casual or 10-week block pricings which generally run to term timetabling.

Areas covered include breathing, enunciation, vowel formation and modification, soft-to-hard palate resonance, chest/head voice integration, Presentation and Performance Skills, and Language Coaching.


These lessons are good for any adult wishing to develop

a more resonant tone, whether in song or speech.

Opportunities to sing in The Kit Kat Cabaret Series had opened in 2020, subject to individual weekly lessons, ensemble rehearsals and Performances. Invitation is at the discretion of Belle Kat Productions but all is suspended while Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

1/2 Hour Consultation | $40.00

Private Casual | $65.00

Private 10 Sessions | $600.00

(valid for three months)


School Term Fees



Kit Kat Cabaret | TBA



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Meera, Director

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Singer, Entertainer and Teacher, Meera Belle has taught for over a decade with a special emphasis on vocal pedagogy, healthy laryngeal and breath function.

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