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Introducing The Zen Zone!

The dog is barking, the children are due home from school, the dishes stare resentfully at you from the sink and the internet carks it because your partner has an important Zoom meeting....all you want to do is run your warm-up scales and get your concert repertoire learned but there's too much distraction and the jokes about hearing a scalded cat are NOT FUNNY anymore.

If only you had a padded cell you could escape to where no-one can get in, no-one can hear you and you can say or do or sing whatever you like....

Or you're not a singer, you're a guitarist who wants to record some tunes.

Or you are a podcaster tired of competing with the farmyard animals around you (this is the Hawkesbury after all!) and fed up with rushing out to Blacktown or Castle Hill to use facilities out there.

Or you're a Mum-preneur juggling school-drop off and home life who needs a clean quiet space to meet clients and get some work done with reliable internet.

Or an online lecturer wanting the same.

Or a study group, or a small vocal ensemble, or a community committee, or a small meditation group, or a jazz trio or string quartet. Anyone needing decent, elegant, quiet flexible work or relaxation space and struggling to find that within their own walls, who needs to separate work from their home life and hates trying to get it all done in their bedroom or lounge but is wondering if there is anywhere they could go just to get that done? THERE IS!

Introducing The Zen Zone - a new space for hire here in the Hawkesbury. The Zen Zone is designed for exactly that, anyone needing a neutral space to work, meet, study, record, rehearse, meditate, write the next great Australian Novel, avoid the Library Crowd and be able to swear out loud if you need to! This space will have a podcast booth capable of taking two people to record vocals or vocals and instrument live with Rhode microphone, a work station with reliable internet/printer/iPhone recording equipment, space for small groups to rehearse, keyboard/CUBE amp and microphone, a comfy couch to dream in with plenty of mood lighting - heck, nanna nap if you need to! - and coffee machine/microwave and fridge (BYO whatever you need).

Available at any time of the day OR night (24/7) when not in use by Pitch Perfect Vocal Studio, this space could be the answer to your procrastination and the start of your online career.

Watch out for developments, the podcast booth will arrive in a matter of weeks and then The Zen Zone website and online booking system will go live!

Please let me know your thoughts and if there is anything more you'd like to see included in such a space and which might be of value?

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