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Getting Singing Lessons, Audition Prep, Vocal Support, Masterclasses and more...

Pitch Perfect Vocal Studio

Pitch Perfect Vocal Studio is an award-winning vocal studio

based in The Zen Zone,  Richmond, NSW.

Winner of the 2022 Most Outstanding Local Arts Business, this busy boutique studio is located in The Zen Zone - Shop 7, Civic Arcade, 225 Windsor Street.

The Studio caters for all ages and stages of vocal development with the exception of very young children (usually under 10 years of age) because physical vocal and speech development is still taking place and focus is not always strong enough for lessons to be effective - however, there are always exceptions so it is best to enquire!

The studio runs to NSW public school term times with holiday lessons by appointment. Adult students are welcome to book casually or via ten-pack lesson discounts. There are two Concerts held per year, at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

Voiceology Packs for home study and practice are available in the studio as well as Voiceology Vocal Straws for the technical repair and extension exercises for the voice.

The Zen Zone is a working space for hire with a podcast/recording booth, rehearsal space - good also for small classes, yoga/meditation/mindfulness, with printing facilities and internet available....the possibilities of a neutral, quiet and well-appointed space are endless!

2024 Term Times ~

T1 Feb 5-Apr 13 / T2 Apr 29-Jul 5 / T3 Jul 22-Sept 28 / T4 Oct 14-Dec 20


Twice a year Showcase Events...

PPVS is proud to showcase its students in public concerts twice a year - Mid-Year and Xmas. This year, on July 4 which is American Independance Day, we will be bringing you "American Idols" featuring classic American anthems by artists such as Madonna, Elvis, Whitney and Michael Jackson.

We are excited to be partnering with the local iconic Richmond Regent Theatre to bring students to the big stage.

Supporting local emerging and developing talent - and those brave older students flexing their wings also - is an integral part of a good community so get your tickets in and support not only your local music studio but also a revitalising effort by the Regent Theatre to renovate back to the glorious lyric theatre it used to be!



PPVS exists because everyone deserves to sing, and because I believe it is HUMAN to sing.

We made sound on pitch before we had formal speech or languages and so to 'sing' is to tap into something primal and deep within every being that speaks beyond language and is inherently shared.

Taking singing lessons is a leap into this essential expression and it should be healthy and - ultimately - easy!

Honestly, there are a lot of 'cowboys' out there who have no idea how the voice actually works and so PPVS aims to myth-bust this entirely and bring sound vocal principles to as many students as possible so this world can have MORE beautiful voices in it. 

Where do I begin?

Lessons are as follows (incl. music tracks):

Junior School Term Fees (30mins one-on-one) -

$440.00+GST ($484)

Senior School Fees (10-pack lessons/3-months valid) - $640.00+GST ($704)

Casual Lessons - CHILD, $50+GST ($55) ADULT $70+GST ($77)

Masterclasses may be included in terms, there is a 24hr cancelation policy and lessons are deemed to be committed at the time arranged for that term irrespective of school outings or personal holidays that may be arranged after signing.

Make-up lessons are offered at my discretion under such circumstances.

Make-up lessons will always be offered for lessons lost due to sickness. The Studio is - however - always booked up heavily by the start of term and busy and so it is often first-in, first served.

Enrolment Forms are required and available HERE.

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